Oceancash Felts

Resinated Felt Product Supplier Malaysia

Oceancash Felts Sdn. Bhd. (OFSB), a wholly owned subsidiary of Oceancash Pacific Berhad (OPB), is principally involved in the manufacturing of resinated felts and thermoplastic felts for heat insulation and sound insulation which include but not limited to; interior and exterior trims in automobiles, noise damper for compressors of split unit air conditioners as well as insulation in buildings including roofs, walls, partitions, and carpet underlay. Being one of the leading felts fabric manufacturer and supplier in Malaysia, South East Asia with its long-standing expertise, Oceancash Felts Sdn. Bhd. is committed to working closely with existing and potential customers from around the world to develop and produce top-quality acoustic and thermal insulation felts.


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